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What Are The Most Dangerous Situations For Motorcyclists?

When you suffer serious injury in a San Mateo motorcycle accident, and the accident is caused by another motorist, you are generally able to seek compensation. The most comprehensive motorcycle crash study ever done was requested by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), and is called the Hurt Study (done in the 1981).

Many of the facts from this study still hold true today, including:

  • Approximately 75 percent of motorcycle accidents involve collision with another vehicle.
  • In approximately 66 percent of accidents, motorists cause the accident because of failing to yield the right-of-way to the biker.
  • The predominant cause of accidents is motorists’ failure to recognize the biker and most motorists’ failure to see bikers until just before or after impact.
  • Intersections are the most likely location for motorcycle accidents to occur.
  • Most motorcycle accidents occur during short local trips (errand running, trips to store, etc.) and not during long road trips.


Steadily rising motorcycle crash statistics from 1997 through 2007 led to the NHTSA initiating plans for a more recent in-depth study of motorcycle crashes. Researchers studied various methodologies to pin down the best methods to use, and the larger study is now in progress at the Oklahoma Transportation Center. If you’ve been in an accident involving a motorcycle, an experienced Burlingame motorcycle accident attorney can advocate on your behalf and protect your rights.

Sarrail, Castillo & Hall, LLP provides thorough investigations to uncover the cause of the accident, to identify liable parties and to obtain fair compensation for our clients. 

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