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San Mateo Auto Accident Attorneys Make Sure You Are Covered

San Mateo Auto Accident Attorneys Make Sure You Are Covered

Helping clients in Burlingame, California bounce back after a crash

With more than 40 years of experience handling all types of auto accident claims, the personal injury team at Sarrail, Castillo & Hall, LLP knows the road to recovery very well. You likely want to put your auto accident behind you and move on with your life. We are well-known in San Mateo, Burlingame and the whole Bay Area. When you entrust our firm with your case, we go the extra mile to ensure you are covered monetarily and also supported in bouncing back from a crash. Clients and their families often comment on the kindness and warmth they feel when talking to our staff in our San Mateo office. Our Managing Partner, James Sarrail, has instilled an attitude of genuine compassion among all of the firm’s partners and associates that makes a positive difference in your experience.

Burlingame law firm has well-rounded knowledge of auto accident claims

In addition to representing those injured in car accidents in San Mateo and across California, we also represent those who are accused of causing accidents and their insurance companies. We know that any involvement in an auto accident can inflict financial, professional, psychological and emotional damage. Our approach to defense takes these issues into consideration and provides sound options for success under the law.

Familiarity with both sides of litigation means that we don’t push clients into accepting settlements that will not ultimately satisfy their needs. We are committed to working towards fair, reasonable and pragmatic resolutions.

Our auto accident practice covers:

  • Car accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Motorcycle and bicycle accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents

San Mateo auto accident firm offers sensible solutions to restitution

Not every auto accident case should “go the distance.” Many of our clients appreciate having options and alternatives to a trial that would expose them to intense scrutiny and uncertainty. The accident attorneys at Sarrail, Castillo & Hall, LLP in Burlingame are well-versed in every aspect of alternative dispute resolution, including arbitration, mediation and negotiation. We always seek the route to conflict resolution that best achieves our clients’ objectives, and we make a practice of discussing your range of options at an early stage.

The auto accident law firm that never takes you for a ride

Our personal injury litigation and auto accident practice runs on a simple philosophy. We don’t collect any money unless you win. You pay no fees up front and do not ever have to open your wallet prior to recovering your just compensation. Call Sarrail, Castillo & Hall, LLP at 650-513-8899 or contact us online.