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"4/7/2018 - I was in a bicycle accident in which I was hit by a car on Hwy. 9 between Saratoga and Los Gatos in October of 2014. I fractured three vertebrates and had a brain concussion. I was transported by the medics to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center where I was hospitalized for 2 weeks. I was in neck and body brace for three months. Though my injuries were severe and recovery traumatic I was fortunate in that I recovered completely without any long term disability. In retrospect I am very glad that I contacted James Sarrail of Sarrail, Castillo and Hall in the second week of hospitalization. Jim visited me in the hospital. Though we talked some about the accident Jim emphasized that I not worry about the "case" but focus on therapy and recovery. I was given the green light by the doctors by January end 2015 after which I had to leave the country for three months on a teaching commitment. My dialog with Jim regarding the accident started in May, 2015. The best part of my experience with Jim and his law firm was that they are very meticulous and thorough and I did not have to worry about any details. They drove the time schedule and the agenda. I just had to show up for the meetings they organized. I was surprised when Jim brought the suit against not only the insurance company but also the City and the State of California. At times I would be overwhelmed by the presence of three to four attorneys for the opposition. Unlike me Jim was never phased and always there to reassure and encourage me. Over two years there were many depositions including a non binding mediation (which did not resolve the case). I was always impressed that Jim and his associates were consistently much better prepared than the opposition. As the mediation was unsuccessful with no offer from the defending parties the next step was to go to trail. On my request we decided not to go on trail. I do not like lawsuits and at this time I was not very optimistic. Over the next few months behind the scene Jim worked his "magic", negotiated with the attorneys from the three parties and resulted in an offer. I was pleasantly surprised and very satisfied with the settlement. I am very happy that engaged Jim Sarrail to represent me. I endorse Sarrail Castillo and Hall as highly professional, extremely organized, ethical and astute negotiators"
-Vince K., 5.0 rating ★★★★★

"This law practice exceeded my expectations. They have assisted us with many issues. Because of their expertise with contracts, employment law and California law, we have avoided complicated litigation. An ounce of prevention is worth a court load of cures."
-Jacqueline D., 5.0 rating ★★★★★

"Excellent customer service and she was following up from day one."
-Rene H., 5.0 rating ★★★★★

"Monica Castillo is helpful nice and patient....GOD BLESS U"
-Rohit P., 5.0 rating ★★★★★

"I had a very good experience with Monica Castillo of Sarrail, Castillo & Hall. I highly recommend this law firm. Ms. Castillo is patient, thorough, and understanding. It's a bonus that she is also fluent in Spanish!"
-Jacky A., 5.0 rating ★★★★★

"I hired Sarrail, Castillo & Hall after an auto accident i was involved with. I worked closely with Monica Castillo who was so wonderful, understanding, patient, professional and thorough. I would highly recommend this firm."
-Sandy T., 5.0 rating ★★★★★

"I had a need for lawyer services last year and i was referred to Monica Castillo - best advice i ever got! Monica and her company were so helpful, organized, knowledgeable and direct. They helped me get what i needed. I never felt like i had a dumb question with them either. I highly recommend this company for all of your law questions!!"
-Cindy D., 5.0 rating ★★★★★

"Monica Castillo is a terrific attorney: her calm, balanced approach helped me get a very good settlement in what was becoming a difficult dispute without the need for litigation. I highly recommend her!"
-Monica LW., 5.0 rating ★★★★★